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    Best hamachi settings


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    Best hamachi settings Empty Best hamachi settings

    Post  pu1u Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:44 am

    Download Hamachi the best hamachi version for red alert 2, no errors

    This settings are for hamachi

    If you don't like how your hamachi looks, with no configurations and hard to use follow this tutorial and the hamachi will change:
    from this ugly s***->Best hamachi settings Hamachi1 to this->Best hamachi settings Hamachi2
    It will not only look better, but it will be more easyer to use, double click a person to directly pm, you wil lget the pm mess direclty on screen, if you want to chat with all the group, don't double click the network, you will go offline if you do this, right click chat, for mass messages...

    This are the steps:
    Open hamachi, hamachi needs to pe On(liek this:Best hamachi settings Turnedon, if it is off it will look like this:Best hamachi settings Turnedoff then click to be green), click on setting, this button:Best hamachi settings Hamachiicon then click preferinces..
    First tab Status, click change nickname so you cand change your nickname in what you want...
    Click Window tab, at Appearance mark Hide offline network members, at Default network member label select Nickname, at Double-click action select Send instant message...
    Click on Messaging tab, at New Message click on Display the chat window immediatly...
    Click on Presence tab, at Online Presence mark Enable, at Web status indicator mark Enable...

    Best hamachi settings HamachiAmic Best hamachi settings HamachiBmic Best hamachi settings HamachiCmic

    Last step is to click on Best hamachi settings Hamachiicon / preferences / Status(first tab) / click on Change nickname... whrite your name, the same that you use ingame, in ra2, if you have the corect haamchi setings ad this tag afther your nickname: ®️ , and if you have all your settigns good, and you can lay with no errors then add this tag two,©️ so it will look like this: gica©️®️
    The: ©️ and ®️ , select them with the mouse, right click/ copy, and paste them on change nickname box...
    ©️ - ra2 settings, wsock, show-bug solved, tested and working.
    ®️ - good haamchi settings...

    Best hamachi settings Nicknamemic

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