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    Hamachi Server Rules Empty Hamachi Server Rules

    Post  pu1u Sat Jan 02, 2010 2:39 am

    click pentru regulamentul in romana(click)

    0.Don't advertise other hamachi networks or any other thing!
    (I don't whant to hear i din't know i'am not allowed to advertise any thing!)

    1.When you are done playing please leave network, right click on network->leave!
    (Don't stay on network if you don't play, leave it, others want to play, don't stay idle or offline on the hamachi network)

    2.Same nickname on hamachi and ingame!
    (This makes the admins a easy way to evict inactiv palyers, so other to join and play)

    3.Decent language! Don't insult or shere any player any where!
    (The bad lang has no use!)

    4.No hacks! no bug-abuse!.
    (Play fair like all the others! Why do you paly if you cheat? Be a good player and play fair!)

    This are the ingame settings:
    Hamachi Server Rules Setari

    or crates on:
    Hamachi Server Rules Setari2

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